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The Official Blog Rules

Hello Penguins.

I will go through all the rules on this blog. If you don’t happen to follow these rules, I will ban you from this site, and/or shut down your website.

Posting Comments

1. No putting your website in your comment. (Though you can put your website in the field when posting a comment)

2. No posting spam comments.

3. No commenting that you have recently been banned or your membership has ran out.

4. No commenting any kind of code, eg. card jitsu card codes or toy codes.

5. All comments must be in English. If not, I will remove it.

6. No putting e-mail adresses in comments.

7. No asking for codes.

8. No swearing on this blog. People as young as 6 visit this blog.

9. No asking to be a blogger. You will be automaticly rejected.

10. No posting questions that have been answered in my FAQ.

11. No Flaming Matrona2 or any other blog visitors.

12. No impersonation of Matrona2.

13. The e-mail you have entered in your comment must be correct and your own.

14. Really long comments are not to be posted unless I tell you to. It takes up too much space on the comments page.

15. All comments must be detailed. Comments such as “Cool!” and “Awesome” are not.

16. No double commenting. This again takes up too much space. If you do this BOTH comments will be deleted.

17. Only comment on posts that are on the first page. Posts on the second page are classified as ‘Old’.

18. You must NOT put your website ardress as your name. This is classified as advertising and your comment will be removed.



Comments such as “Lame” and “Your stupid” will be removed and you will probably be banned from this site FOREVER. Also, people that claim I have copied them will be banned from this site for 6 months. It is not allowed as I never copy anyone.

Common Rules

1. No Advertising

2. No copying any content from this site unless I have gave you permission to

3. NEVER copy our images, though all my images are copyright protected

4. If you see any other blog with ANY of my content, e-mail me and I will have their site shut down. It is forbidden to copy anything from this site.

5. Never scam anyone.

6. Always respect all visitors from this site.

I hope you have read these rules carefully, as you can be easily banned from my site for good.

Ban Information

If you are banned for breaking any of these rules, then you will get a:

1 Day Ban

A simple short ban for a slight breaking of the rules.

1 Week Ban

A ban for those who think it’s funny to use bad language, or insulting others.

2 Week Ban

A ban for people who break 1 of most commenting rules.

1 Month Ban

For people who insult me or any other important person on this Blog.

Forever Ban

For anyone who copies content from this blog or advertises their site on this blog.

If you happen to be a Matrona2 member, then if you break the rules, I will remove your Matrona2 membership. You will not get a ban though.

I hope you have followed these rules very carefully and not break the rules.



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