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Club Penguin Account Competition!

Hello Penguins!

Again, if you have been looking at the upcoming events page, then you will know that today is the Club Penguin Account Competition!

If you want to know what this contest is all about, then you will need to see my Youtube video: It has all of the details you need if you want to take part in the event. In addition, I will not tell you the name of the account until the end, but all I can tell you is that it is very rare and totally worth competing for! To see the Youtube video, follow this link:


Leave us a comment telling us if you’re participating!



Matrona2’s Easter Party!

Hello Penguins!

As you probably know from the last post, my Easter Party was set to take place earlier tonight, and it was a blast! Quite literally. If you weren’t there, you should have been because we all decided to have some epic battles… lets take a look at this epic event in more perspective:

We then got a little bit bored of Water Ninjas vs Fire ninjas on the Iceberg, so you can probably guess what we did next…

It was a brilliant Easter Party and I must thank everyone who came to it: You are all awesome! I especially liked the Ninja battles, as the sky changed color when a particular side was winning. As you can see from those pictures, Water was in complete control!

Thanks once again, and please leave a comment telling us if you were there and whether you had fun or not!

Happy Easter,


Matrona2’s Easter Party 2012!

Hello Penguins!

Now, if you have seen the upcoming events recently you probably realized that my Club Penguin Easter Party is going to take place tommorow. I would greatly appreciate you coming to the party even if it’s only for 5 minutes or so, just show up and I’ll be happy!

Here is all of the details you need:

Cool poster huh? Well I have been working on my graphics! Anyway, the party is on SUNDAY and I have put the time as 12pm (Penguin Standard Time), so that is doesn’t just benefit a particular country or area of the world. Make sure you are there as I will be taking photos and uploading them onto this site!

Leave a comment telling us if you’re coming or not!


Hello Penguins!

You may have noticed that there are new graphics on the site, especially on the sidebars which include widgets and special images. Well, I can now say that the site has gone through a ‘revolution’ with graphics meaning the graphics will be much more detailed and better looking. The old graphics I must admit were quite messy and unprofessional so it feels good to have gone through this revolution.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think!


Easter Egg Hunt Cheats

Hello Penguins!

Wow, this is my forth post of the day! There’s just so much going on today, you all need to know!

Ok, the Easter Egg Hunt has started, and we all know that there are riddles and hint on to where the eggs are. Now, I am going to help you solve these riddles, and show you the special secret item you get for completing the hunt. I am so nice, no? 🙂

Egg 1

“The first egg’s hid near shining gold, somewhere deep and dark and cold”

The egg is located in the Hidden lake, on the far left side of the room.

Egg 2

“The next egg’s found near works of art, plus lots of books to make you smart!”

The egg is located in the Book Room, on the far left behind the lamp.

Egg 3

“The next egg’s hidden a snowy shore, it’s hidden well, you must explore”

The egg is located at the Beach, on the far right of the room behind a snow pile.

Egg 4

“Now head towards a wooden shack, you’re doing well, you’re right on track”

The egg is located outside of the Mine, hidden behind the structure close to the middle of the Mine.

Egg 5

Search now near a tall white chair, for watching waves, the egg is there.

The egg is at the Cove, on top of the Hut where you go surfing.

Egg 6

“The next one’s sure to make you smile. Just like you, this egg’s got style”

The egg is located at the Gift Shop, above the two salon chairs on the shelf.

Egg 7

“The next egg’s near a chair that lifts. You’re getting close, you must be swift!”

The egg is located at the Ski Village, on the chairlift heading towards the Ski Hill.

Egg 8

“The next egg’s near a big, bright light. You’re almost done, the end is in sight!”

The egg is located at the beacon, behind one of the corners of the light.

Congratulations! You have just completed the Easter Egg Hunt! Now, do you want to see what you win for completing the Hunt? Do you really want to know? REALLY? Well, I can tell you now!

Woo hoo! Another Bunny Ears item to add to my collection. I think I already have the Pink Bunny Ears and the Green, so the Yellow makes it even better. I am glad that it isn’t a Pin or a Background, because I like my Penguin to have clothes on him so people can see it without clicking my playercard.

That’s it for another Easter Hunt, but please leave a comment to say what you think about it this year. Thanks!


Penguin Style – April 2012 Cheats

Hello Penguins!

It appears that the Penguin Style has come out a day earlier than I expected! So, this morning I went on a shopping spree and bought all of the new items from this brilliant new Catalog. So, lets get down to business. Here is a shot of the front cover:

Now, lets get to the cheats of this great new catalog.

Cheat 1

The first cheat is on Page 6 of the catalog, and you must click the Tree leaves to get the Dark Cocoa Bunny costume.

Cheat 2

The second cheat is on Page 8, and you must click the end of the spade to get the Brown Striped Fedora and the Green Recycle T-Shirt.

Cheat 3

The third cheat is on Page 12, and you must click the end of the paintbrush to get the Viking Helmet.

Cheat 4

The forth cheat is on Page 13, and you must click the Girl Penguin’s beak to get the Brown Shoes.

Cheat 5

The fifth cheat is on Page 15 and you must click the Penguin’s beak to get the White Feather Boa.

Cheat 6

The Sixth cheat is on Page 18, and you must click another Penguin’s beak to get the Silver Star Necklace.

That’s all of the cheats for the new Catalog! (Excluding the clearance cheats). It really is a great catalog, and I seriously recommend you buy as much as you can from it until it all goes! The only improvement I could give to CP is to add more variety to the secrets, by putting them in other places than on the Penguin’s beaks all the time.

Nonetheless,  a great catalog. Leave a comment to tell us what you think!


Newspaper Issue #337

Hello Penguins!

As you all know, the Newspaper comes out on the Thursday to provide us all the information we need about Club Penguin and it’s future. Now, lets have a look at the Front Cover:

Wow! Isn’t that an eye-catching front cover for Easter. Personally I love Easter because of the Easter Egg hunt. It gives you a special item if you complete it adding to the excitement!

Now, we all need to know what is coming up in the future of Club Penguin, so lets take a look at the upcoming events:

Well, that is very exciting, no? It looks like the Green Party has really snuck up on us, and don’t forget the New Better Igloos Catalog! I will post any cheats for you as I get them, so don’t miss it!

Leave a comment to say what you think about these upcoming events!