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These will just be some questions I get asked a lot:

Can I get free membership?

No there is no way to get free membership – Many CP trainers claim to have a membership option but they don’t actually let you buy items from catalogs.

When will you have a party?

Check my blog, I often have parties when I have got to a certain hit level, or when there is a special party in CP.

How many items have you unlocked from the treasure book?

A few items, mainly from the older treasure books.

Why do you have the same clothes on all the time?

Mostly yes, but when I want to have fun or do something unusual I will change my clothes from my original style.

Can you give me some coin codes?

I do not have any at this current time, and we would have to trade if I were giving any away.

How do you make CP trainers?

CP Trainers can be made with Visual Basic, but CP released a patch in 2010 so most or all CP Trainers no longer work, or have limited actions.

How rare is your Account?

My account has been around for 1215 days, which is over 3 years! I have a whole bunch of items: some of which are very rare.

How many friends do you have?

Believe it or not, I have over 150 friends at this current moment!

How do you get the beta hat?

You cannot get the Beta Hat anymore. The Beta Hat was only available in the Beta Party in 2005, and was the first party hat. There is no way to get it now even with a CP Trainer.

When will you hold a competition?

I hold competitions whenever I want to share an account or giveaway a Toy or Card Jitsu code. It’s unlikely that I’ll hold a competition in any other situation unless it is very important.

Any more questions I get asked will be put onto this list. Be sure to re-read it because I don’t want to get asked these again.


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  1. thanks this has helped me.

  2. Good questions page

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