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Matrona2’s Easter Party!

Hello Penguins!

As you probably know from the last post, my Easter Party was set to take place earlier tonight, and it was a blast! Quite literally. If you weren’t there, you should have been because we all decided to have some epic battles… lets take a look at this epic event in more perspective:

We then got a little bit bored of Water Ninjas vs Fire ninjas on the Iceberg, so you can probably guess what we did next…

It was a brilliant Easter Party and I must thank everyone who came to it: You are all awesome! I especially liked the Ninja battles, as the sky changed color when a particular side was winning. As you can see from those pictures, Water was in complete control!

Thanks once again, and please leave a comment telling us if you were there and whether you had fun or not!

Happy Easter,



22 Responses

  1. Hey im there on the left near you matrona!!

  2. Hey Matrona2! Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight, my internet was playing up BIG time. Looks like you had a stunning time!

  3. i think i see myself in ther!

  4. that looks awesome i wish i was there

  5. dam i couldnt make it i was out becuz of easter but wow tht looks cool

  6. oh wow iv not seen a crowd tht big b4!

  7. hey matrona add me!

  8. I was there but I wanst in any of those pics what the hell?!

  9. that looks a great party

  10. Seriously Matrona you’re getting this much publicity now? Its amazing if you ask me after those dark years before hand.

  11. hey matrona2 want to meet up i want to add you!

  12. Great Party I Was In That Massive Crowd When We Were Tipping The Iceberg!

  13. LOL i loved this partie

  14. I can’t believe I missed this party….

  15. this was an awesome party thank you matrona2

  16. i loved the ninja battles they were beast!

  17. lol this was seriously awesome dude

  18. i went i dont think im in the pics tho

  19. I was there and I loved it!

  20. hey matrona you host some great parties you just have to do this again some time you know

  21. This was just awesomness in the making!

  22. i wasnt there but it looks very good

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