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Matrona2’s Easter Party 2012!

Hello Penguins!

Now, if you have seen the upcoming events recently you probably realized that my Club Penguin Easter Party is going to take place tommorow. I would greatly appreciate you coming to the party even if it’s only for 5 minutes or so, just show up and I’ll be happy!

Here is all of the details you need:

Cool poster huh? Well I have been working on my graphics! Anyway, the party is on SUNDAY and I have put the time as 12pm (Penguin Standard Time), so that is doesn’t just benefit a particular country or area of the world. Make sure you are there as I will be taking photos and uploading them onto this site!

Leave a comment telling us if you’re coming or not!


20 Responses

  1. I will be there!

  2. i cant wait it will be too good

  3. nice to see you dong parties

  4. i used to be a fan of Dupples blog but now im a fan of you matrona!

  5. brill i will be there eating my eggs at the same time!

  6. lol i love this site! im coming!

  7. awesome! I am going for sure!

  8. can i bring my pet puffle he likes easter eggs!!!

  9. holy matrona theres a party 😀 😀

  10. damn i cant make it im havin a big easter dinna 2morrow

  11. wow didnt kno this many wud come!

  12. Dont be shocked matrona has fans now! Im going to this party!

  13. LOL XD we should TIP THE ICEBERG!

  14. lol this is just going to be so awesome its unreal!!!!!!

  15. Wow! I have to admit I’ve not had this much publicity for ages! It is greatly appreciated guys and I thank you all for the comments!

    • Matrona your famous!!!

  16. Lol i cant believe this!!!

  17. I wish my blog got this many comments believe me…

  18. this post makes me laugh, im going to the party!

  19. we should all try n tip the berg!!!!!!1

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