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Penguin Style – April 2012 Cheats

Hello Penguins!

It appears that the Penguin Style has come out a day earlier than I expected! So, this morning I went on a shopping spree and bought all of the new items from this brilliant new Catalog. So, lets get down to business. Here is a shot of the front cover:

Now, lets get to the cheats of this great new catalog.

Cheat 1

The first cheat is on Page 6 of the catalog, and you must click the Tree leaves to get the Dark Cocoa Bunny costume.

Cheat 2

The second cheat is on Page 8, and you must click the end of the spade to get the Brown Striped Fedora and the Green Recycle T-Shirt.

Cheat 3

The third cheat is on Page 12, and you must click the end of the paintbrush to get the Viking Helmet.

Cheat 4

The forth cheat is on Page 13, and you must click the Girl Penguin’s beak to get the Brown Shoes.

Cheat 5

The fifth cheat is on Page 15 and you must click the Penguin’s beak to get the White Feather Boa.

Cheat 6

The Sixth cheat is on Page 18, and you must click another Penguin’s beak to get the Silver Star Necklace.

That’s all of the cheats for the new Catalog! (Excluding the clearance cheats). It really is a great catalog, and I seriously recommend you buy as much as you can from it until it all goes! The only improvement I could give to CP is to add more variety to the secrets, by putting them in other places than on the Penguin’s beaks all the time.

Nonetheless,  a great catalog. Leave a comment to tell us what you think!



11 Responses

  1. The Catalog is awesome, I will definitely buy everything from it!

  2. the catalogz get betta each month dun they?

  3. wow these are accurate cheats thanks!

  4. matrona your awesome thanks

  5. im a member but i dont have the money to buy these 😦

  6. Ah this is an awesome guide thanks Matrona2!

  7. ❤ these cheats get better awesome!

  8. i was gunna say u missed 1 but u havent 🙂


  10. im not a member but i can see how good ur cheats r

  11. awesoem cheats matrona i really love your site now

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