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The End of Matrona2’s Blog is here

Go to http://www.ZedCp.Wordpress.com

Hello Penguins!

I have some very very very bad news. Unfortunatly, I will be quitting blogging today. The reason for this is because im really busy and I can’t post on a regular basis anymore. Im not quitting CP, im just quitting blogging.

My graphics aren’t great, and I feel that my posts aren’t very good. Also, nobody comments on my posts, which makes me really upset. Im really sorry to have to do this, but I feel this is the best for me and my current status in life.

The proper reason why im quitting is because im really busy on other sites, (I am a moderator on about 5 different forums), and I just can’t cope with managing a blog aswell.

CP is a great game, and im not quitting it, so you can still catch me waddling around. My favourite server is Yeti, so be sure to meet me somewhere in there.

Comments will remain open for another 2 weeks, then I will close them and this blog will come to it’s end. I will not delete it, because there are some great posts and we have shared some great times together, but I feel this is the end.

I will now be working part time at http://www.zedcp.wordpress.com, which is a great site for CP Cheats. So please visit that site.

Once again, thanks for everything, and I wish you have a very good life whatever your doing!

Your great friend, Matrona2, posting his last post on wordpress.



3 Responses

  1. Matrona2, your a great blogger, please dont quit blogging, all my blogging skills are because of you. I will be the worst blogger if you quit.

    I hope you change your mind about quitting.



  2. Since your quitting to blog, can we meet each other on club penguin, like, on Yeti?
    ( If this is your last comment, I will be happier than being the first comment)

  3. hey its ok to quit. i had a blog once, and i quit for the same reason as u. it wasnt that good and nobody every commented, plus i didnt get any time to actually PLAY on club penguin cause i was too busy. but heyy, theres so many good bloggers out there, its ok, even though i would prefer if u didnt quit, its your choice and im sure you’ll still be a reconized penguin on cp and I will always remember your blog! I’m so sorry i never commented on any of your posts, i guess i just didnt have the time. 🙂 Waddle on!


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