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Newspaper Issue #237

Hello Penguins!

Guess what? It’s once again Thursday, and you know what that means…. Newspaper!! Yes, the new Newspaper is released every Thurday and in it is lots of suprises. And with May just round the corner, there’s A LOT to look forward to. Anywho, lets see the front cover.

Well, this story doesn’t normally make the main headline now does it? Well, as you can see, a new Penguin Style is coming out. And in it will be a lot of Medieval costumes n’ stuff. It sure is going to be awesome when it comes out. I bet on the most populated servers, the Gift Shop will be full. Lol. Anywho, lets take a look at the first page.

Penguin Style! Woo hoo. Lol. That was random, but this is the truth. On May 7th, a new Penguin Style catalog full of Medieval items will be available in the Gift Shop. Penguins are already preparing for it by earning coins and saving them so they can buy every single costume in the catalog. I bet you guys can’t wait, can you? Now, here’s page 2!

As you can see by the image, you probably know what this page will be about. Yes, you guessed, the Medieval Party! On May 7 – 16 you will be able to celebrate this event. With the new Penguin Style coming out on the same day, you can guess that May 7th is going to be a blast. I can’t wait! In this party, knights and princesses go on adventures to stop evil dragons. Cool right? Now, lets check up on those all important events.

If you can’t see the image, then I will tell you the events now.

  • May 7th – Penguin Style
  • May 14th – Postcards
  • May 14th – Furniture + Igloo catalogs
  • May 7th – Pin
  • May 7th – Medieval Party

That’s a lot of stuff right? May sure is going to be a blast. Well, now it’s time for your say. What are you looking forward to the most in May? Let me know.



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