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Earth Day Party Guide!

Hello Penguins!

The Earth Day Party has arrived, and it sure is green. Well, this morning I took a look at it and I was shocked. Everything was Green! Lol. So now, it’s time to guide you through the simple + harder steps of this party. Lets go!

First of all, we have a Scavenger Hunt! Woo Hoo. These are awesome. You have to read a clue, then go find an item around the island. Cool right? Well, here im going to guide you through the Scavenger Hunt.

Item 1:

This item is located at the Coffee Shop, and is a Coffee Cup.

Item 2:

This Item is located at the Pet Shop, and it’s an empty O’ Berries box.

Item 3:

This item is located at the Cove, and it is an Empty Barrel.

Item 4:

This item is located at the Ninja Hideout, and it is an Empty Hot Sauce Bottle.

Item 6:

This item is located at the Forest, and is an old Club Penguin Times Issue.

Item 7:

This item is located at the Ski Village, and it’s an empty Pizza Box.

Item 8:

This item is located at the Mine Shack, and is a Empty Metal Barrel.

Done! You have found all of the items is the Scavenger Hunt and you can now Claim your Prize, which is…

A Recycling Pin! Woo Hoo! Well, it’s cool isn’t it?

Now, im sure your aware of the new room & stuff, so lets get onto that.

Lets take a look at the Mine Shack, the main room for this event!

In this room you can:

  • Water the flowers
  • Throw Snowballs into the funnel, to make water automaticly appear
  • Have fun with your watering cans and equipment

Cool right?

The new room has also opened, and im sure you guessed, it’s a Recycling Centre! This is where a machine turns empty boxes, cups, barrels and much more into something better and more useful. Lets see the image.

Very cool. Now, there’s one free item this time, and I think there should be more. Don’t you? But lets not get greedy… Lol. Now, lets see the item:

It’s a hat, and once you wear it, dance. Now you are using a watering can to water the flowers! How cool is that? Well, there’s one more thing to tell you, and that’s the new pin! The Pin Tracker has been updated.

So, what do you think about this party?

Let me know in a comment.


(PS Newspaper to be posted tommorow, as im very busy today).


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