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Newspaper Issue #235

Hello Penguins!

It’s Thursday, and we all know what that means… Newspaper! Yes, and this week, Earth Day is the top story. Earth Day has beaten some of the greatest parties, such as the Easter Party, which didn’t happen this year unfortunatly. Anywho, lets take a look at the front cover.

Cool isn’t it? Every Penguin in Club Penguin should participate in this event, on a campain to save the world. We should all grow our own trees, and respect the environment. So, lets take a look at the first page, or top story.

This page explains how we should all celebrate Earth Day, if you love it or hate it. Each Penguin should do their bit by doing something to help the world; eg. recycling or planting trees and flowers. Having said trees and flowers, Penguins are also watering soils where they have planted seeds, making more trees and plants, making a nicer view and a better planet. Lets take a look at page 2.

On this page, there is an explanation of a new room! How cool is that? Well, I bet you can guess who will be designing this new room. If you can’t guess, then I can tell you that it is in fact Gary the Gadget Guy. The famous inventor. He says that he wants to transform empty pizza boxes into something much more exciting. The new room will be next to the mine, and I really can’t wait!

Now, I bet your wanting to know what is coming up in Club Penguin in the next 2 weeks. Well, just take a look at this image:

As you can see there, we have a Better Igloos Catalogue, an Igloo Upgrades Catalogue, the Earth Day Party, and some funky new music to our igloos to look forward to! Well, that’s an awesome set of events don’t you think? Let me know what you think.

Just a reminder about ‘Matrona2’s Earth Day Party’ is also coming on the 22nd April, so remember to attend wearing ‘Green’ items! If you don’t know about it, then see this link.

Thanks for reading, and remember to drop a comment!



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