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Penguin Play Awards Guide!

Hello Penguins!

Indeed, the Penguin Play Awards are here! This is where you get to have your say on the Plays at the Stage. Aren’t the Awards great? The winners get an exclusive trophy! Well, not really, we all do! More on that later, but now I am going to guide you through the basic steps of the Penguin Play Awards. We are having a lot of Guides lately aren’t we? From Minigames to Awards.

Anywho, lets start the guide. Well, I don’t know where to start! Lol. I think I’d better show you how to get to the main parts first hadn’t I? Well, lets get on with it!

1. Log in

2. Click your Map.

3. Go to the Plaza.

The Plaza looks quite snazzy when the Penguin Play Awards are in full swing. You want to see it? Of course you do!

Awesome right? If you want to vote for a play, then head over to the Voting Booth to the Left of the Plaza! I will show you an example of a typical voting scenario.

When clicking the Booth, this should appear:

Click ‘Continue’, and you can start having your say on the plays.

As you can see, I have ticked some boxes as an example. It’s not what I really think 😉 When your done voting for your favourite plays, click ‘Submit’ and you should get this message:

Like the message has said, enjoy the Awards! We certainly will! So, I bet your begging to see how the stage looks. Well, you can see! Because im gonna show you now!

Doesn’t the Stage just look awesome? On the big screen, you can see all of the plays. So if you wanted to, you could double check these then vote for your favourite play! Have you noticed something at the stage? Yes, you guessed, it’s Backstage!

I love backstage! This is where you can prepare for your speech on the stage. All of the actors come here first, to get ready. They practice their Charisma, they dress very formally, and they put makeup on! (Well, the Girls do)!

It’s not just the Plaza and the Stage that is celebrating, it’s most of the island! There is another screen at the Dock, where reporters interview the special performers from the Stage.

As you can see, the cameras are on me! Lol. Great rhyme. Enough on that though, the Mountain has also been decorated for the event.

Mat looks very happy doesn’t he? Lol, I like calling him Mat. It suits him a lot!

So that’s all you need to know about the Penguin Play Awards! But there still is a couple of things left to tell you.

……….*Drum Roll*……….


Yep, you didn’t think I’d forget about the free items now did you? I never miss a cheat anymore! So, in total, there are 3 free items to search for. But, you don’t have to search for them, because I already found them! Lol. Here we go!

Free item 1 is located Backstage. It is a Video Camera!

The 2nd free item is once again located Backstage, and it’s the awesome Penguin Play Award!

The 3rd free item is located at the Dock, and is a Press Hat!

That’s it! The Guide is finished! I hope that you use my awesome guide to help you through the Penguin Play Awards. I’d love it if you all give me credit by commenting. I’ve not had many comments lately, so make sure you comment for me ok? Thanks.

Once again, thanks for reading!



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