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Puffle Rescue – A Guide!

Hello Penguins!

The new minigame has finally been released at the mine, and it is very cool. The aim is pretty simple; rescue Puffles! Now, I will guide you through the simple steps of the game, and how to master the game.

So, first, lets get to it. Log in, Click the map, and go to the Mine.

Head into the Mine, and the mine will look pretty cool. You can see that the caves have re-opened, (more on that later), and there is a booth next to the open cave. This is the mini-game entrance!

A Black Puffle is even there waiting for you! How sweet! Anywho, when you get to the booth, click yes to ‘Do you want to play Puffle Rescue’. This should take you to the menu.

Ok then, now you need to pick a level. Notice that 2 of the levels are member-only levels, so sorry to you non-members out there! Ok, now lets take you into the depth of this guide. For example, I picked the first level, where you rescue Blue Puffles.

When you click a level, you will be taken into a mini clip, but you can skip it if you want, and go straight to the level. When your in the level, it should look like this:

I have numbered and circled in red some points in the game. These I will explain now.

Circle 1: These are cracks in the ice. If you walk over them, they will collapse and you will have to quickly move to the next safe square.

Circle 2: This is water. If you happen to fall in it, you will be automaticly be transported to your last checkpoint and you will lose a life.

Circle 3: Ice Slab, moving left or right in the water. These are items that you can walk on to get across the water.

Circle 4: Normal snow platform. You walk on it.

Circle 5: Your Penguin. You use him to find and rescue the Puffles that are stranded.

Circle 6: Checkpoint platform or start/finish. If you walk on one of these, you get a checkpoint. If you have rescued all of your puffles, you go back to your first chequered platform to finish the level.

Circle 7: Lives remaining. If you reach 0, it’s game over. You get a life for every level you complete.

Circle 8: Puffles to rescue. In this case, I have one more Puffle to rescue, then I go back to my first chequered platform.

Circle 9: The level your currently on.

Circle 10: Your total score so far.

Circle 11: Click to exit the game, with the coins you have currently earned. Example: 1234 points: 123 coins. Basicly, total score divided by 10, = coins earned.

Good basic guide for the game huh?

When you complete a level, you get a thank-you card from the puffle(s) you have saved.

Aren’t these Puffles kind?

Now, the caves have also opened, so the miners helmet is hanging up ready for people to pick up and get working.

Grab a miners helmet, then start digging on the brown floor. If you get coins, then great! If you don’t try again in another spot!

Ok, that’s just about it! But there’s one more thing…

Need to find the key to get into this door? Then I will post a guide on how to do that soon!

That’s it!

If you think something should be added, then comment what you think should be added and why.

Hope you used my guide for the new minigame! This took me 1hr and 32 minutes exactly to make!



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  1. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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