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Matrona2’s 2,000 Hits party Review

Hello Penguins!

The party is now over! And I must thank-you all for coming. We all had a great time, and we laughed, danced, and had fun! Yep, that was probably the best party ever! When we get to 5,000 hits, I will have another party! Woo Hoo! So, I took some images throughout the party that I have to show you guys! Here we go!

The party all started at the Dock, where my fans were already waiting for me! When I got there, we danced for a bit, and even Dupple came and joined the fun! We all made a line!

See me? Well, the line lasted about 5 minutes! Lol. After a bit, Dupple had to leave to do his Rockhopper tracker, but the party didn’t end there! It actually increased in greatness! After being at the Dock for a bit, we went to the Town Centre to have some fun!

Isn’t the crowd cool? They all support me here at Matrona2.Wordpress.Com. We laughed, and played at the Town for about 5 minutes, before we decided to move to the Snow Forts!

We had a few snowball fights, and even a game of ‘Catch Matrona2!’ How unusual, but cool, is that? It’s a shame Dupple had to leave, but we still enjoyed ourselves! Next, we headed east once again, to get to the Plaza, and then realised we were all hungry! So, guess what? We went to the Pizza Parlour!

Wow, we sure ate a lot! Lol. The Pizza Parlour was soon out of Pizza, so we couldn’t eat anymore! But, ah well. We paid a total of 20,013 coins to the Pizza Parlour for all our meals! So, we went to the Plaza again, then to the Forest!

There were a few wolves there, so we had to be careful! So after a few games at the Forest, we went to the Cove!

We surfed for a bit, then rested, and played! But, the sad news for all my fans was that the party had to end sooner or later, so I ended it here. 😦 The fans still enjoyed themselves, and really wanted the party to rock on longer!

So, this party was awesome, and I owe all of you thanks for helping me, my blog, and my fame!




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  1. I Was There! 😀

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