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Newspaper Issue #229

Hello Penguins!

The new Newspaper has been released, and it has mainly one question; Where is Yarr? Well we don’t know yet, but Rockhopper has no idea where he is. Well, hopefully he can find Yarr so he can play with him again! So, here’s the front cover:

Well, Rockhopper looks quite worried don’t you think? I wonder where little Yarr has got to? Maybe he’s playing hide and seek again, who knows? Well, I think he’s gone to hide again! Yarr like to play a game every now and again!

So now it’s time for those all important events. Be sure to remember them all!

Lets begin:

Friday, March 5th – Penguin Style

Check out the newest styles at the Gift Shop.

Friday, March 12th – Igloo Upgrades

Want a change of scenery? Choose an upgrade from the catalogue in your Igloo.

Friday, March 19th – Penguin Play Awards

Vote for your favourite play at the Stage’s Red Carpet event.

Friday, March 12th – New Pin

Find the new collectable Pin!

So, im looking forward to all this! And I hope that Rockhopper finds Yarr soon. What are you looking forward to the most?




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