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Orange Puffle Guide!

Hello Penguina!

Today the Orange Puffle was added to the adopt catalogue and it is awesome, goofy, silly, and very happy! I will give you a basic guide here so you know what this Puffle does, and give you some tips on caring for it.

I don’t know where to start! Well, lets start with how the Puffle was discovered.

History of the Orange Puffle

The Orange Puffle was first found at the Box Dimension floating around in it’s own little box. Penguins began to get a little supsicious and wanted to know more about it. But before they could get a closer look, reports of Orange Puffles at the Ski Lodge began to spread. Indeed, the Orange Puffle was spotted popping out of the Cuckoo Clock in the Ski Lodge, then, it spread to the Ski Village and was spotted coming down the lift every now and again. Quite interesting right? Images of this were recorded as you know:

Box Dimension:

Ski Village:

It was spotted at the Ski Lodge, but I couldn’t get an image of that due to time reasons.

Penguins soon rounded Orange Puffles up and they became available at the Pet Shop today! Cool Right? Maybe more info will emerge soon.

Buying an Orange Puffle

So, you want to buy an Orange Puffle? Well, im not suprised! Everyone does! So, login, go to the Plaza, then go to the Pet Shop. Open up the Adopt Catalogue and go to the Orange Puffle page:

Click ‘Adopt’ and this should pop up:

Then, name your Puffle. For example, I named mine Goofball.

You now have adopted an Orange Puffle! Check your mail, as you should have a postcard. It says:

Notice how the Orange Puffle has been added to the Postcard too. Orange Puffles are now a big part of Club Penguin!

Caring for your Orange Puffle

Now you have bought your Orange Puffle, it’s time to care for it. So,





He is very cute right? He sure is a deep sleeper! He really likes that cushion!

Taking the Orange Puffle for walks

Ok, first, you need to click the walk icon on your Orange Puffle’s playercard. Now your playercard should look like this:

Doesn’t he look cool on a Playercard? Well I think so! Now, dance, and your Puffle should be dancing like this:

Doesn’t he look so silly and goofy? Lol. I love the way he spins his hula hoop. He makes it look so easy, when it’s not as easy as it looks…

Anywho, there was a new login screen added, and it shows 2 Orange Puffles, being super goofy! Lol. Let’s see it:

Lol. I think it’s super funny! Haha, ah. I love it’s purple tongue also, it really suits it’s Orange coat.

Guide finished! I hope you used my guide to explore with the Orange Puffle and play with your Orange Puffle. If you did, then I must say a big thank-you! This guide took me over an hour to write! So, did this guide help you?





4 Responses

  1. You So Copied My Layout For This Guide.

    • Not at all in fact!

      Wrote it myself and went thorugh the stages.

  2. Hello Matrona2!

    • Hi there.

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