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Newspaper Issue #228

Hello Penguins!

Once again, it’s Thursday! And we all know what that means…. …. …. NEWSPAPER!

Yes, indeed. The new nespaper has come out and it is full of information about the Orange Puffle! Well, not information. You can now adopt Orange Puffles from the Pet shop! Isn’t that awesome! And I did say they would be cowboy like… didn’t I?

Anywho, lets get on to today’s newspaper. Here is an image of the front cover:

Doesn’t that new Orange puffle look goofy, silly, and well, happy! Scientists are saying that these Orange Puffles may have come from the Box Dimension, which is where they were first seen. They then quite quickly spread to the Ski Village and the Mountain, and even visiting the Ski Lodge! Penguins now have rounded up some Orange Puffles and they are now for sale in the Pet Shop! I have to say, I bought 3 of them, mainly because they are funny and goofy!

So, you wanna know what’s coming up? Sure? Ok then! Here are those all important upcoming events!

4th March – Underground News

Check next week’s newspaper for an update from Rory the construction Penguin.

5th March – Penguin Style

Formal Fashions featured at the Gift Shop.

5th March – Rockhopper Arrives

Check for Rockhopper’s Migrator at the Beach.

26th February – New Pin

Find the Collectable Pin!

I must say, im looking forward to everything on this page! I can’t wait! I wonder if Rory will re-open the caves, or Rockhopper bring us old, rare items. Who knows? Were just going to have to wait 1 more week to find all this out! And we already have an idea of what will be in the new Penguin Style: Formal Clothes! Not that I normally wear them! Anywho, what do you guys think of all this? I love to hear from you!




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