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Matrona2’s Ultimate Puffle Party Guide

Hello Penguins!

At last, the Puffle Party has arrived and with it, a lot of cool stuff! From Puffle Rooms, to Free items, I will give you an ultimate guide to this party.

So, where to start? Well, I must say, that because it’s a Puffle Party, we should take a look at the different rooms and what you can din them! Not all rooms are based on a Puffle though; some are activities for you to do! Well, lets begin!

Blue Puffle

The Blue Puffle’s room is located at the Forest. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • Play with your friends in the big multi-coloured ball playing area
  • Watch the Blue Puffles do their awesome skills with their beach balls

Red Puffle

The Red Puffle’s room is located at the Cove. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • Play Pirates and join the Red Puffle on his boat
  • Join the Red Puffles round the Campfire
  • Go Surfing with your Red Puffle

Pink Puffle

The Pink Puffle’s room is located at the Iceberg. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • Skip Rope with the Pink Puffles
  • Jump on the Trampoline with the Pink Puffles
  • Take your Pink Puffle with you to the game Aqua Grabber
  • Look out for a Pink Puffle with a Green Snorkel in the water

Black Puffle

The Black Puffle room is located at the Pool. Here is an image of it:

If you press the Windows button, the Puffles around the room will set on fire:

In this room you can:

  • Get your Black Puffle to play with the other Black Puffles
  • Close the windows so the other Puffles around the room set on fire
  • When the windows are open, look out for a Black Puffle chasing a Crab

Green Puffle

The Green Puffle’s room is located at the Beacon. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • If you have one, use your propeller cap; (Blue Green or Red) to fly with the Green Puffles
  • Watch the Green Puffle’s awesome Circus tricks
  • Watch the Green Puffles inside the Lighthouse light
  • Dance with the Propeller cap with your Green Puffle and you will both fly

Yellow Puffle

The Yellow Puffle’s room is located at the Lighthouse. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • Get the Yellow Puffle to paint you
  • Watch the Play the Yellow Puffles are peforming
  • Watch the Yellow Puffle Sculpt things

Purple Puffle

The Purple Puffle’s room is located at the Nightclub. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • Groove with the Purple Puffles
  • Play Dance Contest with your Purple Puffle
  • Watch the awesome sights in the Nightclub

Also, notice how the Green Puffle on the Speaker is replaced with a Purple Puffle.

White Puffle

The White Puffle’s room is located at the Mine. Here is an image of it:

In this room you can:

  • Watch the White Puffles skate around the room
  • Watch the White Puffle blow clouds up into the air
  • Skate yourself round the room

Notice how the newly discovered cave is not blocked off any more, it’s just completely gone. Hmm… what may be happening?

They are all the rooms! Cool right? But there’s more to cover… it’s time to go to the Members only Puffle Assult Course!

Puffle Assult Course

The Puffle Assult Course is simple really. Just get a puffle from your Igloo, then walk towards the entrance of the course. It would be easier if I put an image right? Ok then…

In this awesome room you can:

  • Groom your Puffle
  • Train your Puffle on the Assult Course
  • Make your Puffle a Judge by pressing ‘A B or C’ on your keyboard
  • Sell snacks to other Penguins at the Booth
  • Press ‘Applause’ in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to hear a load cheer from the crowd

Lots of cool stuff to do in that room right? It’s totally awesome! My Puffle got through to the next round! Woo!

Anyhow, aswell as Puffle rooms, we have another cool room at the Snow Forts:

Cool right? All the Puffles are having a snowball fight and all have their own fort. If you throw a snowball at one, it’s face will be covered in snow! How cool is that? And if you go to the Puffle Feeding part, you can throw O’Berries into the Puffle’s mouths to feed them. They love them! Cool right?

And that’s not it! There are 2 free items hidden in this party.

The 1st Item is located at the Plaza:

The 2nd Free item is located at the Member only Assult Course, so it’s a member item:

Put both of the items on and…

It looks awesome right? And im glad there’s more than 1 free item this year. As 1 is not enough for an event like this!

Overall, I think this party rocks! And im glad to see so many Penguins happy. Sorry this guide is a little late, it’s because the Server had a major fault, meaning I could not even get to my blog.

Anyhow, I hope you use my guide to help you throughout the Puffle Party.




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    • Thanks!

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