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Matrona2’s little party!

Hello Penguins!

Indeed, today at 11:00 PST I had a little party on Yukon at the Plaza. It wasn’t really a major party, so I called it ‘The Little Party’. As I logged on, lots of people already knew as I posted on my Youtube Channel: “GO TO YUKON AND PLAZA NOW FOR MINI PARTY”. Not everyone came, but lots of you could make it! I took a couple of images of the first parts of it:

Lol. Everyone had such a great time and loved every minute of it! We danced and danced ’till the end! I circled in red where I am; you can just see me in the crowd! Well, I must say a very big thank-you to everyone who came and partied with me. And I hope I got to add everyone! If not, I am very sorry and I will add you at the next party: ‘The 2,000 hits party!’. Well, that was awesome. Thanks again to you all! And comment if you came!

Also, hope you enjoy making Pankakes as it’s Shrove Tuesday!



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