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Explanation 8 – Puffles

Hello Penguins!

Since there’s nothing to post about, I will write another Explanation.

This time, the explanation will be about Puffles.


Puffles are cute little pets that you can care for and play with. They are like cats, but do not have paws or legs. Puffles are just furballs, really. They have two big eyes and a big smile. Well, normally. The Black Puffle hardly ever smiles, as the Black Puffle is the strong, silent type which doesn’t really like too much attention. Puffles all have personalities and likes, eg. a Brown Puffle likes moving balls around and is a happy type puffle. (There is no such thing as a Brown Puffle, it’s just an example). Now you know what a Puffle actually is, I will tell you what colour Puffles there is and what each one likes. So…

Blue Puffle

The Blue Puffle is always happy and loves to play. It’s favourite toy is the Ball. This Puffle’s attitude is fairly mild-tempered, and is very loyal to it’s owner. The Blue Puffle can be adopted by anyone; even non-members, so they can have fun as well. The Blue Puffle is also easy to care for, so you don’t have to feed it every hour.

Red Puffle

The Red Puffle is very adventurous, and is always ready for a challenge! This Puffle has 2 favourite toys; these are the Cannon, which the Red Puffle blasts up into the air then parachutes back down, and the Bowling Pins, which the Red Puffle rolls into to get a strike or a spare. The Red Puffle was brought to Club Penguin by Rockhopper. The Red Puffle also has a favourite game called Catchin’ Waves at the Cove. If you take your Red Puffle there, and enter the game, your Puffle will help you get points! This Puffle can also be bought by non-members which is quite cool.

Pink Puffle

The Pink Puffle is probably the most active of all the Puffles. It is mostly bought by Girls, basicly because of it’s colour. This Puffle just LOVES to exercise and would probably exercise all day if it wanted to! It’s favourite toys are the Skipping Rope and the Trampoline. Although this Puffle likes to exercise, it also likes to go on Underwater Adventures! If you take it with you to the game ‘Aqua Grabber’ it will go into the water with you! This Puffle can only be bought by Members.

Black Puffle

The Black Puffle is a very ‘cool’ Puffle as it doesn’t like to play the younger games like the other Puffles do. Instead, it likes to play on the Skateboard. It can peform some awesome skills on it’s skateboard and never falls off. This Puffle is not very loud, as it always is silent and never really smiles. But when you feed it an O’ Berry, it will go up in flames and fly around the room! That proves that Black Puffles are not completley boring.

Green Puffle

The Green Puffle is a very playful Puffle which has many favourite toys and likes. It is quite active and would fit in perfectly in a circus. The Green Puffle’s favourite toys are the Unicycle, and the Propeller Cap. The Green Puffle likes their owner when it plays with them, because the Green Puffle always tries to make their owner laugh! When it comes to circuses, this is the Puffle you have to pick. This Puffle can only be bought by Members.

Yellow Puffle

The Yellow Puffle is the most artistic and creative Puffle of them all. It can paint magnificent pictures, and sculpt incredible things! This Puffle’s favourite toys are the Paintbrush, and the Easel. So, if your looking for an artistic Puffle, this is the Number 1 choice! Though this this Puffle can only be bought by Members.

Purple Puffle

The Purple Puffle has the best dance moves, and the best Bubbles! Yes, indeed. This Puffle is a natural at dancing and will win any dance contest that it faces. Not only is it an excellent dancer, it’s also an expert Bubble Blower! It can blow some awesome bubbles that not many Penguins or anything on Earth can blow! It’s favourite toys are the Bubble Wand, and the Disco Ball. You can also take a Purple Puffle into the game ‘Dance Contest’ and it will help you get more coins by dancing with you! This Puffle can only be bought by Members.

White Puffle

Indeed, the White Puffle is the newest Puffle to be available in Club Penguin and it is very cute n’ cold! This Puffle is very gentle and shy, but is quite strong like the Black Puffle. The Cool Fact about this Puffle, is that it can turn any object into Ice with a single breath! That is awesome! It’s favourite toy is the Skate, which it freezes the ground, then uses the frozen ground to skate on. Quite clever for a Puffle huh?

Orange Puffle

Well, we don’t know much about this Puffle, but all we know is that it is quite cheerful and goofy. It looks cute, and could possibly be an expert cowboy! If you want to see one, then see this post for more details.

Caring for Puffles couldn’t be easier. Just click on the Puffle you want to care for and click one of the icons on the bottom of it’s playercard. The Spongey like icon will send you to the food commands, and the bath. So what are you waiting for?!? Grab a Puffle and prepare for the Puffle Party NOW!

Another explanation completed! We are almost at our tenth already!

Do you like Puffles?




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