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Newspaper Issue #225

Today, the new newspaper came out and it’s very interesting.

Here is the front cover:

Very interesting, as the Puffle Party will come to CP soon! Im so excited, how about you?

Anyhow, the new play is going to be a the stage soon and we found a few clues last week. This week, CP has told us the name of the play and a very interesting photo of it:

The play will be called ‘The secrets of the Bamboo Forest’. It looks very exciting and I can’t wait to explore it! I circled two key parts of the image; the penguin in the distance, and that tail again. It looks like they will have something to do with the play, but who knows?

Now onto the upcoming events:

On February 12th, ‘The secrets of the Bamboo Forest’ will come to the stage

On February 19th, new furniture will be available. They say it’s going to be a ‘blue’ catalogue.

On February 19th, the Puffle Party will start

On February 12th, new puffle furniture will be available. (This date was put back)

On February 12th, a new pin will be hidden

So loads to look forward to? What are you looking forward to the most? This liks to the Reviewed by You!




7 Responses

  1. Matrona2
    how do u put ur banner?
    do u put it on image?
    or is there another widget to put it because i just made one and i want to put it.
    Plz answer back!

    • It’s really complicated stuff. I make my banners with, believe it or not, paint! But Paint is very useful for making banners. I first cut out a picture of my penguin then paste it onto my paint document, then, if your penguin backround is white, you can add backround to your banner. (The banner has to be small or you can’t crop it). Save it, then upload it on wordpress custom banners, and walla! Your banner is on your blog!

  2. Sorry but I have another question,
    How do u take pictures on the computer but not printing them….. I mean,
    I wonder how u keep the pictures on ur computer
    Its like how u took these stuff ^^^^^^^^^ up there
    Plz answer back!

    • What you do, is press PRNT SCRN on your keyboard, then open up paint. Cut out the specific part of the image you want to use. Press New on Paint. Go to file then click ‘PASTE’ or press CTRL + V. You have your image! I will make a new page on how to make images soon!

      • Im really sorry but I have another question. I ask u because ur the one who gives me really good Answers because I ask other sites and they never reply, anyways the question is:
        When ur done with the paint and its ready for u to put the image in the site how Do u put in on ur site?

        Plz answer back!

      • You save the picture on paint, but it has to be a PNG image. Then, when your posting, you can go to ‘image’ then press browse. Click the image you want to put onto the post then it takes you to the picture options. When you have sorted it out, press ‘Insert into post’. Then there’s your picture!

  3. Thanks sooo much U really helped me alot!

    This advice will make my site soo better!
    Ur site is so cool!!!


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