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Microchip123 has Hacked Matrona2’s and Branmatt’s Blog!

Hello Penguins!

Recently, Microchip123 has been so disrespectful, that he has hacked my blog claiming I stole one of his images. When basicly, I didn’t. The image I got was from a penguin who had the Red Lei and Microchip was so stupid that he couldn’t see. Well, because he hacked my site with one of his STUPID advertising widgets, im getting his site shut down. So later on, I will be contacting wordpress about this blog and getting it removed. Hopefully he will quit blogging as he is a hacker. Watch out guys, he might hack you soon…

My advice:

Don’t visit his blog.

Don’t comment as he is VERY strict and bans people from his site for a simple comment about the post.

Basicly, just try to avoid him and NEVER go to his parties.

Please take this advice and never listen to that horrible hacker again.




2 Responses

  1. I agree,
    I think Microchip123 can be a little too far sometimes,

    I am and will be always on ur side because u r nice and respectful [without the “dis” part of respectful]


  2. Same i think he is too big for his own shoes

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