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New Lights at the Nightclub

Hello Penguins!

Remember what I said about the possible party at the Nightclub? Well, it’s not exactly a party, but there’s some excellent new lights that make the Nightclub look much better! I took an image of all of the lights on at the same time:

Doesn’t it look awesome? These lights are perfect for grey skys with snow falling… perfect for CP!

Everyone is having lots of fun and all are asking, “Will Cadence come?”

This is a question waiting to be answered, so I’ll keep you updated.

There is a secret to these lights:

If there are 1-9 penguins in the nightclub, then the lights will be normal.

If there are 10-19 penguins, the nightclub will have a few more lights come on.

If there are 20-29 penguins, the nightclub will be filled with lots of cool lights, but the dancefloor will still be normal.

If there are 30-(as many penguins the room can take) then the nightclub will look like the image I posted above all this writing.

So cool secrets huh? What lights do you like the most?




11 Responses

  1. awesome!!!! thx for the cheats

  2. this is very cool! I love it! thx for the cheats mate!

  3. im getting better on arcticantics by the way

  4. good ill have anoother race to get membership huh 250? ps this blog is awesome and so ere the cheats

  5. yh ill race ya but i will win possibly i have a lot of items from parcels but they keep dying and shrinkin

  6. If they keep dieing then you need to feed fish, don’t keep snowflakes or globes for too long and just keep stocking up with unbreakable fans.

  7. thx for info it helped

  8. yh thats good advice i must go now so THX MAT BYE

  9. Ok, thanks for saying so. Cya in a bit!

  10. how do u take pictures so clear????

    • All you have to do, is when you get in a room, press PRNT SCRN on your keyboard. Then go to paint. Press CTRL+V. Then you have your screen in paint. Go into the select tool and put a square around the part of the screen you want to use. Then, cut what you selected. Open up a new paint or just press new and don’t save. Now, press CTRL+V and your selected part of the screen is fully graphical and small. Then save it and you have your image!

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