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Explanation 6 – Snow

Hello Penguins!

Today’s Explanation will be about Snow.


Snow is a type of precipitation that falls from clouds and if it snows for some time at a high rate, then it will settle and the ground will be coated in a fresh covering of Snow. People enjoy snow mostly for the Snowball fights, Snowmen, days off school, and much more. But snow isn’t what you call fun for all. Adults find snow very distruptive and often remove any snow that’s in their way. Basicly, adults just don’t like snow at all. It causes traffic, very slippery roads, treturous conditions, and many crashes of cars. People near to the equator will never ever see snow, as the temperature over winter is way to high. So, in Club Penguin, the snow never melts, because the temperature is very cold; (about -30 every day). But it’s not snow on the ground. It’s Ice. When fresh snow falls, it often freezes overnight turning it into Ice, so you are unable to make anything out of it. But at least it makes a nice view of things. A few pictures here of some beautiful snow coverings:


This is a typical snowflake, but zoomed using a microscope. They are about 10 of these crystals in 1 flake.

So, do you like snow? If you do, comment why!

This is another explanation completed!

Hope you liked it!



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