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Explanation 5 – Secret Agents

Hello Penguins!

Today’s explanation will be about Secret Agents.

Secret Agents

Secret Agents are people who keep Club Penguin safe by reporting players who are breaking the rules, e.g somebody is being mean to someone but the server doesn’t automaticly ban them. So if an Agent sees someone being bullied or hurt, they can report that player to the Moderators of Club Penguin. Secret Agents have a hideout which you can get to by using your Spyphone or by using the secret entrance in the Sports Shop. You have to be 30 days old to become a secret agent, so keep watch of your penguin’s age if your planning on becoming a secret agent. The HQ also has another 2 secret areas, which are called the Gadet Room, where a famous inventor named Gary invents all the gadgets for the HQ and Club Penguin, like the Clock Tower. The gadget room can only be entered if you are Gary, basicly. As he has this eye scan which locks the door, and only his eyes can open it. Quite complicated. The other SUPER secret area is the Command Room, where only certain Penguins can enter. You must own a copy of the Elite Penguin Force game if you wish to enter the Command Room. In there, is a big screen where other EPF members recieve messages from the PSA leader, the Director. There is nothing big know about him, but all we know is that he is blacked out on the screen. So his identity is a secret. People claim that he could be Aunt Arctic, because in the Newspaper, if you go to ‘Ask Aunt Arctic’ and scroll your mouse over Aunt Arctic’s eyes, she starts wearing some Black Sunglasses. But we don’t know for sure whether it’s her or not. For more information about becoming a Secret Agent, click this:
It will take you straight to the guide I made.
So a lot know about Secret Agents, and a lot Unknown. But maybe at a later date our questions may be answered by CP. Who knows?

I hope you liked this Explanation!



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