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Card Jitsu Card Code Competition Winner!

Hello Penguins!

Drum Roll please, as I am about to release the winner of the competition who will win a Card Jitsu Card Code!

The Winner is……….



A very well done to you as I will e-mail you the code as soon as possible! A very big thank-you to everyone who took part, like 2nd place 25060604, and third place Dupple. The next competition will start in February, (not sure what date, but most likely on a Friday). In fact, I have a competition on now! It’s a 1 Month Membership Competition! Here are some offers:

Give me 1 Series 3 Coin Code (BEST OFFER)

Comment at least 60 times (Not Bad Offer)

Give me 1 Rare Member Account (Good Offer)

So they are some examples of things you could do to get your hands on a membership! It’s so simple! If your planning on sending me something, send it to my e-mail; (ryanwoodings@hotmail.co.uk). (Please note that for the next competition to start we must finish this one as two competitions running at once can be confusing). So, get working!




11 Responses


    • A very well done to you Jagjmdajmd! Hope you enjoy them!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I WAS ON HOLIDAY! O well ill join the next 1!

  3. Your a great comp hosteer mat! well done!

    • It’s a shame you were away, but you may win the next one; you have a high chance of winning it!

  4. I’ll comment 60 times LOL! so 1

  5. 2

  6. 3

    • Aww whoops! Sorry! I didn’t read again so I just went off commenting! lol so you can delete those comments if you want!
      Nice site too! 😀

      • No, no, you can keep them! You now have 4 comments! (Note that you can only post 5 a day or you could just go on and on whithout giving anyone a chance!)
        Good Luck!

  7. Hello, i have a little offtopic question. I like the Layout of this site, can i get the template somewhere? Thank you in behind and best wishes from austria.

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