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New Play Fairy Fables – New Postcards

Hello Penguins!

Guess what? It’s Friday! And there is something new to explore… the title says it all!

Fairy Fables

Fairy Fables has returned to the Stage and we know that it won the PPA (Penguin Play Awards) in 2009. I think it’s cool! What about you guys? Anyhow, I was looking through the costume trunk when I came across a new cheat! Here it is:

Click the CD player to get the Silver wand (Page 1)

This item is a new addition to this costume trunk! Don’t forget that in one of the costume trunks is the Golden Viking Helmet! See previous post to see which it is. I didn’t find any more cheats, but please comment if I missed one out!

New Postcards

Yes, CP made new postcards and they are now available to send to others! In Penguin Mail, or in other words PM (Private Message or Penguin Mail) Click new message, then click a person to send a postcard to. The first page of Postcards are new! Here’s a picture of them:

Other Notices

The Card Jistu Card Code competition that was supposed to end on the 5th of January got called off, due to severe weather contitions where I live. I couldn’t really get to the shop as the snow was about 6cm deep. That’s quite terrific for the UK; they are experiencing ‘The Big Freeze’ at this minute and it’s not supposed to end for another 2 weeks! (I live in the UK and so does Dupple). Dupple is sponser of this site as I paid for him to advertise my site on his. Anyhow, as I waddled around today, a group of Penguins came and crowded me! Here’s a picture of it:

I am not the girl wearing the dress, trust me. Im just behind her.

Credit to everyone who was in that group!


  • Do you like Fairy Fables? Why?
  • Do you like the new postcards?
  • Were you in the group that crowded me? If so, send me an e-mail, (ryanwoodings@hotmail.co.uk), and I will give you your prize.

Comment your answers!

That’s it!

If you liked this post then comment!



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  1. All Thanks To Me!

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