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The New Pin – January Penguin Style Cheats (Finally)

Hello guys!

At last the new items have arrived! We waited 36 hours, if that for these new items! I contacted CP today about the problem, and they said they were have severe technical difficulties with they’re updating system. They got it fixed at around 2:00pm today (UK time). So lets move on to the cheats!

First, the pin came and I went to investigate! So here is what to do:

1. Log into CP

2. Go to the Beach

3. Go to the light house

4. It’s simple from there! Just search around until you find it. CLUE: It’s on your right.

Here is me with the new pin, (and my new style)

Like my new style? Do you think I should go to my old one? Comment your ideas!

Anyhow, the pin is just fireworks on a dark blue backround. Here is the new pin on my Playercard:

Ok, now the pins sorted out, we’d better get on to the Penguin Style Catalogue.

This catalogue is rare, really. As it contains the black sneakers! Which were quite rare, as they were available only in the Series 1 Treasure book. Sorry to you guys who unlocked it! That’s CP for ya, as they’d say. On the first page is something different. there is a ‘Create your own T-Shirt’ page, and I don’t think that’s ever been in a catalogue! (Correct me if im wrong) There are a range of 15 different T-Shirts in total! What’s your favourite? Comment your answer! Now onto the cheats:

Here is the front:

On page 3, click then snowman’s carrot nose to get the Pink Snorkel.

Also on page 3, click the top of the mountain next to the penguin on the left to get the Pink Flippers.

On page 4, click the bubble to get the Viking Helmet. Click it again another 3 times to get the Blue Viking helmet.

There are more cheats, but you can view the archives for them as I won’t have enough picture memory.

They are all the cheats! Here are some questions:

  • Do you like the new catalogue? Why?
  • Did you buy all the things from the catalogue? If not, how many?
  • Do you like the pin? If so, what about it do you like?

Comment all your answers!

I”ve got a feeling that this year is going to be the best of all years! I will post all the cheats for every month! If I happen to quit, (which I probably won’t) then I will have to hand over my job to someone to carry on this blog.

Hope you enjoy 2010, and enjoy the new catalogue!



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