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New Party stuff

Right, I have came up with new rules and things to do in the party.

Specific Clothing

Ok, I have some clothing suggestions that will suit the party.

I will be wearing:

My usual style, like the one on my widget on the sidebar:


Ideas for your clothing

Wear Santa items, like this:

Or, you can be just like me, but in different colour hoodies

(Please don’t wear the black hoodie with these items or you will be removed from my buddy list, that’s a warning!)

You could be a Gangsta:

(Those shoes are cool! Comment if you like them!)(The guitar can be any colour)

You can even be Rookie if you like!

(Don’t use penguin storm to become a mascot, as other people can’t see it and they will think you are not cool. Those cheats are Client side to be precise)

If you don’t like any of these items, then choose your own items! Note that Dupple and Branmatt will be special guests so they can come on their styles. You should know what Dupple looks like if you got to this site using my widget. It’s on Dupple’s blog’s sidebar.

Girls outfits

Ok, im not a girl, so I have no idea what you girls like to wear. So you decide what you want to wear!

More rules

DO NOT clone me, Branmatt or Dupple. We hate clones.

DO NOT say “Please be my buddy!” as we won’t add you if you say that.

DO NOT shout constantly as it gets annoying. EG. HES HERE!!!! or MATRONA HI!!!.

DO respect the special guests including me!

DO bring your Black Puffles

DO have a great time!

Recap of party times

Date: 23rd December 2009

Time: 12pm PST

Server: Yeti (We may have to use PS10 if it’s full – I’ll calculate whether it will be full or not tommorow)

Room: Iceberg (This is the start room; we will change as the party goes on)

Legnth of Party: Im hoping for it to be 30 minutes long, (12:00 till 12:30 PST)

Things we will do

  • Dance a lot (About 5 minutes
  • Follow the leader (Roughly 5 minutes)
  • Outfit Contest (5 minutes)
  • Get the Iceberg Christmas Tree to it’s biggest size (5 minutes)
  • Have an awesome laugh at my igloo! (10 minutes)

Hope you can all come!




3 Responses

  1. Hi! You have a cool blog! Why don’t you come over to mine! http://erg77.wordpress.com ! It has the latest Cp news! Also I sometimes give out coin codes or anything! So please visit!

  2. Hey Dude!
    When it’s your party – like an hour before – I’ll post about it on my site, okaay?

    • I couldn’t make it today because my laptop broke. Tell the guys on your blog that it will be on the 24th. Sorry I wasn’t there! Thanks, Matrona2 (this is a PSP reply)

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