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Matrona2’s Awesome Christmas Party!

Hello penguins!

As you may or may not know, Me and Branmatt are having a christmas party on Wednesday the 23rd of December! Here are the details!

Time: 12pm PST

Room: Iceberg

Server: Yeti (if it’s full then we will go on Frozen)

And here are all the world times:

Alaska: 10:00am  

Los Angeles, San Francisco: 11:00am

Denver, Phoenix: 12:00pm

Chicago, Dallas: 13:00pm

New York, Washington DC: 14:00pm

Caracas, La Paz: 15:00pm

Newfoundland: 15:30pm

Buenos Aires, Brasillia: 16:00pm

Mid Atlantic: 17:00pm

Azores: 18:00pm

London, Lisbon: 19:00pm (This will be the time I log on to CP as I live in the UK)

Rome, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Praha: 20:00pm

Athens, Helsinki, Istanbul, Cape Town: 21:00pm

Moscow, Jeddah, Nairobi: 22:00pm

Tehran: 22:30pm

Abu Dhabi: 23:00pm

Kabul: 23:30pm

Islamabad, Tashkent: 0:11am

Mumbai, New Delhi, Colombo: 0:30am

Kathmandu: 0:45am

Dhaka: 1:00am

Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi: 2:00am

Hong Kong, Beijing: 3:00am

Seoul, Tokyo: 4:00am

Adelaide: 4:30am

Guam, Sydney, Canberra: 5:00am (sorry if you cannot make it, it’s dufficult when I live at the other side of the world)

Magadan: 6:00am

Wellington, Auckland: 7:00am ( hope you can just make it!)

Samoa, Midway: 8:00am

Honolulu, Hawaii: 9:00am

Other Details:

 Don’t use PS10, as mods will be watching the party and they will ban any cheaters.


Don’t say, “DONT CROWD HIM”

Dont say, “SEND ME A POSTCARD” because I won’t

Don’t beg to be my Buddy.

Always respect others

Listen out for room changes, (look out for my penguin saying “Moving to xxxxxx!”) xxxxxx stands for the room

And thats just about it.

Hope you can all come!



5 Responses

  1. Can you change it to a party for both of us, and post it on my blog too???


    • Sure, will do!

  2. I will be there!

    • Thanks for coming!

  3. I’ll be there!

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