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Meeting Rockhopper – Igloo Catalogue Cheats – Coins for Change

Hello people! Matrona2 here.

Today, I was waddling around the island when I stumbled upon Rockhopper!!! For proof, I took some pictures:

First, he was at the beach…

Then, he went to the pizza parlour; the people already there are very lucky!

I managed to get a picture of his playercard:

And me with his free gift, the backround!

So, now that’s all sorted out, we can get back to the main 2 topics. As you know, it’s coins for change now! And there are loads of coin collecting stands around the island. At this minute, I have donated a total of 80,000 coins!!! And im still playing more games to earn more coins to give to the sick, starving children out there.

Also today, a new igloo catalogue was released! And there is lots of christmas stuff in it like christmas trees and snowmen! But I bet your wondering where the christmas trees are and where all the christmas lights are, well, here are all the cheats!

On page 1, click the blue bird on the snowman to get the nutcracker.

On page 2, click the ribbon on the wreath the get the small christmas tree.

On page 2, click the star on top of the christmas tree to get the christmas lights.

So, they are all the cheats! There isn’t as many cheats as normal, but overall, a good catalogue! If I have somehow made a mistake, please comment. I hope to get more cheats soon!



2 Responses

  1. Dear Esteemed Matrona2,

    You Have Been Invited To Walewaf CP Cheats First Annual Christmas Party! Everyone At W.C.P.C. Would Love To See You There! Here Is The Party Details!:

    Party Details:

    When: December 12th

    Time: 10:00 PST AM Snow Fort Time ( 12:00 PM EST)

    Server: Christmas, If Full Than Fjord, If That Full, Sleet. Will Be Updated During Giveaway.

    We Would Love To See You There! Also, Please RSVP At W.C.P.C. TO Notify us That You Wil Make It!

    Feel Free To Delete This Comment Once You See It!

    Keep On Rockin’

  2. Sorry, I couldn’t make it! I was out shopping around 12.00 and im sorry I missed it. I’ll try to make it up some time!

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