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New Pin – December Penguin Style catalogue cheats

Hello guys! Matrona2 here!

As you know, there is a new pin and a new clothing catalogue today and the cheats will be all in this post. Enjoy them!

The New Pin

The new pin is a christmas bell. Here’s me with it:

And here’s it on my playercard:


It’s in the Forest, thats a first! Never normally there…

December Clothing Catalogue Cheats

Yes, aswell as the new pin, a new clothing catalogue was released and there is some snazzy new clothing for winter and christmas!

Here are the cheats:

On page 1, click the coins for change pot to get the Stocking Cap.


On page two, click all the instruments in the tree to get them. (Drumsticks, Trumpet, Acoustic Guitar, Snare Drum)


Click ‘Work’ to get the Black Superhero Mask. (Old)


They’re all the new cheats! The old ones you can search for in my previous posts. If you have a question please comment! Also, this friendly guy gave me a VERY rare account today and it’s definatly worth about 3 toy codes. If your interested, then please contact me either by email, (ryanwoodings@hotmail.co.uk) or by PM on Youtube, (http://www.youtube.com), my username on Youtube is matrona2. If you PM me the 3 UNUSED toy codes, I shall give you the ultra rare account!




22 Responses

  1. Awesome! I don’t have any coins codes though, ah well! Nice pics!

  2. Thanks! I have 1 toy code but I used it on my own peng!

  3. @jagjmdajmd – I understand that coin codes are hard to get hold of, you either have to buy them in-store or join a competition and hope for luck! Keep trying to get one, that account is very rare.

  4. @2506060four – I can’t blame you. If I get hold of a code, I use it immediatly. I see you didn’t know at the time that this account was on offer. Try n’ pick up some more codes then that account could be yours!

  5. They’re very hard to get hold of where I live and I can’t seem to win any competitons because im a non-member!

  6. Really? I thought dat only members alowed on blogs…
    @matrona-yeah i unlocked the black pb hoodie and the light up shoes.They are amazing!

  7. @jagjmdajmd – That’s no good! Keep trying to win the membership on Arctic Antics though! (http://arcticantics.com/)

  8. @2506060four – Nope! All people who need help with CP can come to my blog and get all the latest cheats! I must admit that they are good items!

  9. Really? Never knew… and tell me bout it, the items are terific!

  10. @matrona-yep, i sure will! i never give up!

  11. That’s the spirit! You’ll get one eventually!
    @2506060four – Yeah of course everyone can visit! I wouldn’t be so mean that I wouldn’t let a single non-member in, thats just horrible! All people, member or not should get the same treatment.

  12. Yep I agree.

  13. I heat that you are joining a lot of competitions on youtube for rare accounts or toy codes. Are you low on em or something mat?

  14. Yh he pmed me and he said he was low on them. He says he unlocks about 2 toy codes a week thats amazing!

  15. WOW really? He must have loads of cp toys… and unlocked items…

  16. he also said he will never get rid of them either he said he will keep them for life. i guess he wants to remember cp eh?

  17. Yep. i’ve got 1 cp toy which unlocked two items from treasure book but if hes unlocked about 50 then he has unlocked 100 items from treasure book! incredible!

  18. there isnt that many items in the teasure book though… i wonder what he would unlock once theres nothing else to unlock. just coins? or a puffle?

  19. yeah theres unlimited coins in the coins part so you just cant stop unlocking! wait we have gone WAY off topic and im sure mat wont be pleased

  20. yeah lets stop before he finds out that we are spamming. if we carry on this conversation he will ban us from his site :0

  21. I declare this conversaton over. now the post was awesome and the pictures very accurate

  22. HOLY ****!!! Guys you have commented over 15 times! Nice! That will up my hits by about 60 or 70! Many thanks guys!

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