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Blog is back alive – Maze – Ice rink – Snow & Sports Catalogue Cheats

Hi guys! My blog is back in action now i’ve moved to windows 7 and done some server work. I will continue to work on the server until it can’t crash, freeze, or do stupid things! I had an awesome birthday party and I must thank you guys for all the support!

Anyway, The Great Snow maze is here! And with it is a big puzzle to work out.














If you are stuck, there is always a map to help you just left of the entrance. If you are still stuck, just follow this guide:

  • Left
  • Take the second Down
  • Left
  • Up
  • Right
  • Take the second Up
  • Follow the path for a bit
  • When you get to the left right junction, turn left.
  • Follow path for a bit
  • Take the second down
  • Left
  • Right
  • Follow the path for a bit
  • Right
  • Follow the path for a bit
  • Take the second Down
  • Follow path to Finish!

Also, there is a prize at the finish. A Yeti Costume in the Yeti cave.







Here’s my playercard with it:














The Ice rink is back! And with it, is a lot of new sporting gear! (Cheats later in post)

Unfortunatly, I can’t fit the picture in the post, but im sure you know what it looks like!

The Snow and Sports catalogue is out and there are some cheats in this! (For once!)

Here are the cheats:

On page 1, click the green penguin to get the Green hockey jersey.







On page 2, click the Lime green penguin to get the green goalie gear.








On page 3, click ‘Ice’ to get the White pom-poms.






They’re all the cheats! Enjoy the maze prize and don’t forget to check out card jitsu fire.





Cya guys!



4 Responses

  1. Awesome cheats! Thanks! I may rate this blog better than Cp Cheats.info! (Not spam)

  2. Well, they’re good cheats but I don’t think they’re the best…

  3. They are best. By far better than that mean microchip123’s blog.

  4. Micro is mean? He does have VERY strict rules though. Thanks for your support guys!

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