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New Series 12 Plush Puffles!

Hello Penguins! 

I’m excited to tell you about some new plush puffle toys coming to stores in North America, the UK and Australia! They’ll be available to purchase very soon. 
Here’s a sneak peek:
Series 12 Puffles.jpg
In case you didn’t know, each Series 12 Puffle comes with a free code to unlock items online! Here’s what you get with every plush:
  • Puffle
  • Puffle Hat
  • 1 Treasure Book item
  • 1500 Coins
As always, we want to know what you think. Which new puffle toy is your favorite? What Club Penguin toys would you like to see in the future? 
Let us know in the comments below!
Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
Wow, now don’t they look cool? You have to admit, CP are really good with their toys and the special items they come with. It’s not just any old toy, it comes with a special coin code to unlock items online! You don’t get that in many other toys do you?
As you should know, the green party begins tommorow so I will keep you informed of any important cheats!

Apologies for Absence

Hello Penguins!

I must give all of you Penguins out there an apology, as I have not posted on the site for a good few days. I have had a whole bunch of exams to prepare for at school, so I haven’t really had time to post on here. Don’t worry now though, I am back and will be posting important details about CP as they come.

You may have noticed that my good friend Zed’s debut post was due on Saturday last week but of course, I was busy so we could not carry it out. I apologize for any inconvenience concerning this event, and we have decided to reschedule the event for this Sunday, after the green party.

Also, we have not had many entries for the CPAC, (Club Penguin Account Competition) so be sure to get in there before all of the places are gone, and your chances of winning the account are nul.

Leave us a comment, and Ta ta for now!


Better Igloos – April Catalog Cheats

Hello Penguins!

As you know it is Thursday so there is always something new going on. This week, it was the Better Igloos Catalog, and it turns out that it is all about the Earth Day Party, which takes place next week. Here’s a shot of the front cover:

Pretty good looking right? It really suits the time of year, with the Earth Day party and the growth of all of the plants again. So, shall we get on with the cheats?! Why ever not?!

Cheat 1

The first cheat is on the second page of the catalog, and you must click the Jungle Fern to get the Desert Stones.

Cheat 2 

The second cheat is located on the third page of the catalog and you must click the patch on the Hippopotamus to get the Garden.

Cheat 3

Well, are you looking for another cheat? Well sadly there isn’t any more cheats in the catalog excluding the older ones. I’m a little disappointed with the cheats in this catalog, mainly because there isn’t enough! They have missed out a whole double page where the green furniture is!

Anyhow, enough of me ranting, it’s time to see what you think of this whole shebang and whether you like the catalog or not. Please leave us a comment; I love to hear what you guys think!


Newspaper Issue #338

Hello Penguins!

It’s that time of the week again! It is time to see what the Newspaper has in store for us! Well, we know that it does tell us important information about Club Penguin, and it’s future so lets take a look at the front cover of the newspaper:

Interesting right? The Green Party is coming to CP next week so I hope you all have a decent costume, whether it be an animal or just a green outfit. You simply must celebrate this event! Now, lets take a look at the upcoming events:

As you can see here, there is a lot of upcoming events from the Earth Day party all the way to the next Penguin Style. You can count on us here at http://www.Matrona2.Wordpress.com to keep you all up to date with these events!

Let us know what you think of these events with a comment!


April Igloo Contest Runner-Up Winners!


Many of you have been asking who won the Crazy Igloo Contest. There were some amazingly wacky igloos out there! 
Here are a few of the contest runner-ups:
Fantastic job, penguins! 
Make sure you check out the next issue of the Club Penguin Times to see which lucky penguins won the contest!
Waddle On! 🙂
-Club Penguin Team
They are pretty good igloos right? Certainly suited the theme of the contest I must agree. Anyway, that’s all for now so let us know what you think of the Igloos with a comment!

New Color – Arctic White?

Hello Penguins!


When I have been waddling around CP, I have noticed a number of Penguins with the Arctic White color on them. It is not possible to obtain this item without cheating so if you do have the White color on show, you are likely to be crowded with questions from other penguins or worse, reported. Here is a picture of the color on a playercard:

Interesting, right? Maybe CP are looking to release it in the next few weeks or make it a special item in a party? Maybe the green party? Who knows. Anyway, let me know what you think with a comment.


Dubstep Puffle!

Hello Penguins!

Something unusual to tell you today, and that unusual thing is the Dubstep Puffle video featured on Club Penguin’s Blog! It really is crazy and you can check it out here:


That’s not it though, as there is a super secret  at the end of the video: A code for the ‘Unlock Items Online’ section of Club Penguin, and it’s an accessory for your Puffle! It is the same as the headphones the Black Puffle was wearing in the video so your Black Puffle can be jammin’ like him!

It is a very awesome addition if you ask me, and I really think it will increase publicity in Club Penguin, and the amount of Black Puffles bought!

Let me know what you think with a comment!